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3D modelling and visualisation, graphic design, music production, video, web design, by Jason Brown

Koosh Records Koosh Records was set up to promote some of the brilliant unsigned bands there are here in Yorkshire. There's a massive range of music on the site, from beautiful acoustic pop, to car crash jazz, from minimal tech to spanish dub. Five albums, all free to download. my record label
free music
Uncle Reggi'es Magic Radio Uncle Reggie's Magic Radio is definitely a left field project. "A glorius celebration of British Eccentricism" which is "funny, clever, quirky, cool, stylish and deeply disturbing". With music, video, graphic stories, and all sorts of weird stuff. my band
an adventure
Scale X Racer Scale-X-Racer is all about racing little toy cars around a track, and everything that goes with that. The scenery, the history, the scale modelling and the mucking about. Not to mention the feeling of being 12 years old again. my toys
slot cars
The Projects The Projects split up a couple of years ago, but the website is still up, and the music still sounds good to me. "Stirring, sexy and unstoppably addictive ...... comes with my highest recommendation", according to one reviewer. music
Villiers Forbes Villiers Forbes is a point of sale design company, who custom design and project manage the delivery of various retail display and point of purchase units, from one off, bespoke designs, to mass produced pieces.

web design
graphic design

Villiers Forbes Furniture Villiers Forbes Furniture is a more recent development, as the company focuses it's attention on producing high quality domestic furniture. Each piece is unique and employs a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques. furniture design
web design
Architectural Visualisation Architectural visualisation of a proposed extension, which involved modelling the old house as well as the new extension, with contrasting but complementary materials and finishes. architectural visualisation
Videos My Videos, from low budget to no budget. video

The Gallery is a collection of my personal photographs.

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