"Superb! Delightfully lush production, and dreamy vocals. Deserves to be played on hot lawns all summer!"
Scobie Hodgson. podcasts.
“The best thing to come outta York since day dot!”
Slider & Expose
"Deliciously soulful female vocals, brim -full of emotion, backed by power guitar, saxes, flutes and the freshest hiphop groove you are likely to hear"
Al Hoffner. The Talk Magazine.
Warped-out disco funk houseology from THE PROJECTS mashes up several styles in order to present us with the looped insanity of this old skool flavoured concoction.

The 6T’s are unleashed in a broken-beat release of opening track ‘Averse’, and this is followed by the deep chill of ‘Past Perfect’, with its French intro and headspinning slowed-down trance. The live version of this is a reed soaked jazz styled café del Mar delivered organic that showcases the beauty of the female vocals, here splashed over with flamenco style acoustic guitar. It’s the powerful finale of a wonderfully evocative record.

Gorgeous memories and fondly remembered melodies surge effortlessly through the warehouse vibrations of the delicious and irresistibly danceable ‘Lover’. Echoing and piano tinged, with that unshakeable pulse, I am 18 again, raised on top of someone’s shoulders, with both open ends of the aircraft hangar visible across a sea of ecstatic heads. The jazzy sound-system overtones warp this infectious and deep set anthem that so beautifully celebrates the freedom to dance, and I’m hooked.

‘Suspicious Minds’ bumps and grinds as the jazzy house theme takes the pace down. It’s an inner-city jam that shows the streetlit blur from the rear windows of a speeding car. Soft sax sounds and survival make for a classic fusion, and this heady concoction breathes an edgy path towards your heart and soul.

Reverb-heavy cosmic space-out drum n’bass floats like a momentary butterfly before the crystal clarity of the banging pulse hits home with deadly accuracy. Submerging in a finger-snapping instant before exploding again, this is an iron fist in a velvet glove of a tune, like something straight off ‘Logical Progression’.

Stirring, sexy and unstoppably addictive, ‘Trancendentalism’ comes with my highest recommendation.  

Mike Roberts

"Stirring, sexy and unstoppably addictive, ‘Trancendentalism’ comes with my highest recommendation." 


"This band have a very cool tripped-out soul vibe going on which is a refreshing change from all the 'indie" at the moment. Jen's voice is amazing! I can't stop listening to the BBC unplugged session off their website. It's SO chilled!. This band is well worth checking out." - Zonal.
"A fantastic, soulful, funky, jazzy mix of summery sounds. It really is great"
Matt Seymour. BBC.

"Okay, the Bristol trip hop sound is in full effect, but York's The Projects have chucked in a bit of their own "je ne sais quoi", ie. a bilingual Francophonic singer, Jen Low, an Ian Anderson style flautist, Jools Slater, and a saxophonist who's not quite Courtney Pine, not quite Didier Malherbe, Chris Backhouse. Very fusion, n'est pas? Things start well with "Averse", a song that sounds a bit like Visage meets Oceanic meets Gong; Jen is wonderfully trance-manche and very French, even when she's singing in English and the use of flute and saxophone makes what could be a very clinical piece sound organic. Tres jolie."

Rob Wright.
Sandman magazine

"Based out of the UK, the Projects are definately up and coming. Their tracks range from downtempo, jazzy sounding to drum & bass. The lead female vocal has a soulful full voice that fills the songs with a jazzy blues overtones, on top of downtempo beats. Definitely worth a listen. Check them out!"
Oreonix, FreeMindRadio.

The Projects. Live at City Screen. 24th Jan '07.
"The Projects, an altogether different musical beast, boasted saxophone, flute and occasionally ear-piercing bowed guitar over a tight and funky rhythm section. I don't personally buy in to their supposed "Bristol sound", though their singer is certainly a bit Beth Gibbons. Rather than the atmospherics I was expecting, they charged through a short set of catchy, driven pop songs, each with insistent drumming and foot-wiggling bass lines. This is a good band with good songs and are worth watching."

Colin Holloway
The Talk Magazine.

"An altogether different musical beast"