Layout Examples

Here are some examples of possible layouts, and Module designs

Module Designs

There are currently over 80 module designs, not including left and right handed variations

All of the module designs fit on our standard 140 x 105cm tables.

The track pieces required for each module are available from the Ultimate Racer files or in the Spreadsheet which are both on the downloads page.

Modules PDF

There are two fairly simple ways of planning a J-Trak design.

You can download the J-Trak modules PDF and print it out onto card or magnetic sheet, cut out the modules, and simply play around with them to see which modules are most useful to you.

Fridge magnets

Or you can download the 1:10 scale images pack which also comes with a document that can be opened with OpenOffice. When the images are loaded into the document, it allows dimensions to be added.