• J-Trak is a portable modular system...J-Trak Layout
  • ... for Scalextric Sport & Digital trackJ-Trak Layout
  • Start out with a small home setupJ-Trak Layout
  • Then add a module...J-Trak Layout
  • ...or twoJ-Trak Layout
  • Then rearrange your modules...J-Trak Layout
  • ... to make a new layoutJ-Trak Layout
  • Then rearrange it againJ-Trak Layout
  • Get together with friends ... J-Trak Layout
  • ... to make bigger layouts ...J-Trak Layout
  • ... for club nights or public events. J-Trak Layout
  • Loads of layouts are possible J-Trak Layout
  • Just swap the modules around. J-Trak Layout
  • The possibilities are endless J-Trak Layout


J-Trak is the ultimate modular system for portable Scalextric Sport and Digital tracks.

It's a permanent layout that you can add to, alter, or join with other J-Traks to make larger layouts.


J-Trak can be...


J-Trak has...


J-Trak allows...

So basically the idea is that wherever, and by whoever the tables are made, they will all be able to fit together to make a wide variety of configurations or layouts.

The possibilities are endless....